The Association

The INSEAD Alumni Association of Belgium is a non-profit organisation founded in 1963. The IAAB has since carefully built its reputation thanks to principally two prestigious events: the Innovator Prize and Viewpoint.

The Association of Belgium, through its President Christophe Hamal represents almost 2,000 Alumni.

Annual Shareholder Meeting

The Shareholder Meeting takes place annually before the end of February.


The Bureau manages the daily operations of the Association; it is composed of the following:

Christophe HAMAL, President
Xavier De MOOR, Vice-President
Muriel PLETSERS, Secretary General

Innovator Prize Committee

Since 1986 the INSEAD Alumni Association of Belgium organises each year in November a gala evening to hand over the INSEAD Innovator Prize.
The main objective of this prize, materialised by a trophy and a diploma, is to “highlight to the general public, the press, the governmental and political world, the academic and business world, the merits of a man or woman who has demonstrated creativity and dynamism in a corporation or public organisation and has therefore had a lasting impact on the Belgian or international business community or society at large”.

The Prize’s Selection Committee for 2016 consists of:

Dirk Luyten (MBA89)-Managing Partner Arthur D. Little Benelux
Karsten De Clerck (MBA91)-Partner, Egon Zehnder International
Jean-Charles Uyttenhove (MBA83)-Partner – ACCORD Group
Brigitte de Vet (MBA99)- Consultant, De Vet Management
Peter Grypdonck (MBA03)- CEO of Vente-Exclusive
Anna Krzyzanowska (MBA93)-Head of Unit, European Commission, DG CONNECT
Danny Lein (MBA96) -Founder & CEO of Twipe Mobile Solutions

Viewpoint Committee

Viewpoint is an annual event taking place mid-June typically attracting 150-200 business leaders (both alumni and non-alumni) and has a clear objective:
A provocative debate with 1 or 2 top CEOs and a Belgian INSEAD professor on a controversial business topic such as Greening business : obligation or opportunity ?, Belgium Innovation valley : dream or reality ? or Female Leadership: develop or perish?.
Or business topics such as: “The age of the CEO”
Does one have to be young to run a disruptive company? Is being experienced a prerequisite for the top job in an established business, especially in a mature industry?
Is the “age-rupture” trend extending to old Europe and in particular to Belgium?

Viewpoint 2016’s theme:

Companies with a purpose beyond profit, tend to make more money  – True or False?

The Viewpoint Committee for 2016 consists of:

Dirk Luyten – Managing Director, Levante Capital Management
Julie Nazerali – Anti Trust Lawyer, Non-Executive Board Member
Anna Krzyzanowska – Head of Unit, European Commission, DG CONNECT
Filip Francqui – Entrepreneur
Yves Warnant – Managing Director, Dauvister
Peter Grypdonck – CEO, Vente-Exclusive

Annual Calendar

Innovator Prize (oct-nov)
Global INSEAD Day (sept)
Monthly Drink
Summer Party (jun-jul)
Christmas Party

The INSEAD Belgium Council 2016

The INSEAD Belgium Council is a group of corporate leaders, both INSEAD alumni and non-alumni, which meets once every 18 month in Belgium with the mission to counsel INSEAD on the development of the Institute, and its relation with the Belgian business community and its visibility therein.

Jean Vandemoortele, CEO Vandemoortele, President of the INSEAD Belgium Council
Pierre-Olivier Beckers, CEO Delhaize
Jean-Pierre Berghmans,  Chairman Lhoist
Luc Bertrand, Chairman Ackermans & van Haaren
Nicolas Boël, CEO Altissia International S.A.
Jean-Pierre Clamadieu, CEO Solvay
Bert De Graeve, CEO Bekaert
Frederic Debruyne, MBA 99, Vice President Bain & Co Benelux
Roland d’Ieteren MBA ’67, Chairman D’Ieteren
Jean-Pierre Hansen, Vice-Chairman Exec. Committee & Senior Executive vice-Pres. Suez
Daniel Janssen, retired INSEAD Board member, Honorary Solvay and UCB board member
Dominique Leroy, CEO Belgacom
Thomas Leysen, Chairman KBC, Chairman Umicore
Patrick Pouyanné, CEO Total Petrochemicals
Martine Reynaers MBA ’80, Managing director Reynaers Aluminium
Marc Saverys, CEO CMB
Michèle Sioen, CEO Sioen industries & President Elect of the FEB
Alexandre Van Damme, Director Patrinvest
Dirk Luyten, Managing Director, Arthur D. Little Benelux


INSEAD has currently over 40,000 alumni worldwide residing in 160 countries. This growing alumni community creates lifelong opportunities for professional development and networking. More than one third of them are in executive positions in private enterprises or public service. This global and multicultural perspective sets INSEAD apart in the field of international management education and research.

The INSEAD Alumni Association (IAA) was founded by a group of alumni in 1960 and has since worked in close partnership with INSEAD to provide services to the global alumni community. The IAA is the umbrella organisation working closely with the National Alumni Associations (NAA) which have been established in 43 countries.
The NAAs organise roughly 700 social and professional activities and events each year aiming to reinforce the school’s image and reputation around the world and foster contacts between alumni.

The INSEAD Alumni Association of Belgium, through its President Christophe Hamal (MBA ’08), represents almost 2,000 Alumni.

List of IAAB Presidents:

1963-1969     Piet van Waeyenberge (MBA 63)
1969-1973     Louis Freling (MBA 63)
1973-1975     Eric Janssens (MBA 70)
1975-1977     Jimmy Enthoven (MBA 70)
1977-1978     Philippe Aeby (MBA 64) (✝)
1978-1979     Michael Johnson (MBA 71) (ad interim)
1979-1982     Guy Warlop (MBA 63)
1982-1984     Wim de Herdt (MBA 74) and Michel Blumenthal (MBA 78)
1984-1989     Roger Wippermann (MBA 66)
1989-1993     Reginald Pauwels (MBA 74)
1993-1994     Claude Elsen (MBA 74)
1994-1998     Baudouin Contzen (MBA 89D)
1998-2002     Patrick Ceulemans (MBA 86J)
2002-2005     Karsten M. De Clerck (MBA 91J)
2005-2008     Jean-Charles Uyttenhove (MBA 83)
2008-2011     Piet Dejonghe (MBA 93J) and Patrick Demoucelle (MBA 93J)
2011-2014      Frédéric Debruyne (MBA 99D)
2014-2017      Dirk Luyten (MBA89J)